At Dumdalen the river has created fabulous tunnels and huge underground caverns over many thousands of years. Hence the area’s calcium-rich bedrock not only provides an abundance of flowers but also the possibility of exploring an underground world of adventure.

In the company of guides from Norgesguidene, you can make your way along underground river rapids, through the "Spiral of Death" or to the bottom of the "Great Cavern". On your elbows and knees or on your belly through the narrowest of passages.

Dumdalen itself is a beautiful valley, where the river, when it doesn’t disappear into the ground, winds its way through a fertile, flowery landscape. Here you will find the largest concentration of lovely lunch sites in Jotunheimen.

All these delights are just a fifteen-minute walk from the 55 motorway. The grotto tours are available for everyone at all levels.

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