A few kilometres from Sognefjellshytta is the Bøverbreen, a tongue of the Smørstabbreen glacier, one of the largest in Norway.

Together with Norgesguidene, we arrange regular tours during the summer season. Here you will experience fantastic ice formations, blue ice, ice walls and, not least, excitement and challenges to suit your level. Norgesguidene also arranges glacier courses. Call us for more information.

In addition to taking you safely around the glacier, the guide will tell you about its formations and the surrounding areas.

This is an experience you are guaranteed to enjoy! We have all the necessary equipment for the trip. The trip is not considered to be particularly demanding and is also suitable for children as young as 12.

Blue ice tour special.

If you feel like trying your strength with vertical ice walls and taking a longer tour, we can arrange the Blue Ice Special for you. The tour takes you to the Bøverbreen/Smørstabbreen glacier at Sognefjellet, but there’s more opportunity here to put your climbing irons technique to the test, as well as to climb on vertical ice walls with 2 ice axes.

Duration: 8 - 9 hours
Numbers: 3 - 6 participants per guide

Minimum age: 12 years

The tour can be booked with Norgesguidene


Yes please - both of them!

The perfect combination of glaciers, steep snow, windy mountain verges and fantastic views!

There are a number of options for this trek to the summit, but the most common is to take the blue ice route to Bøverbreen, traverse the finest parts of the glacier, continue along the glacier, climb up the mountain ridge over Kalven’s two peaks, and then pick up the nice snow-covered slopes to Leirbreen. The tour provides views of exciting glacier formations, fantastic snow fields and a narrow but easy mountain ridge to the top.

The tour can be booked with Norgesguidene

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